• Mini zine: SEND IT

    Mini zine: SEND IT

    Or: how we learned to stop worrying and love the cold email.

  • Consumer Confidence Comics #1

    Consumer Confidence Comics #1

    Oregon Consumer Justice (a nonprofit that advocates for consumer rights) commissioned me to make a comic about what to know when you’re purchasing a used car. Lawyer Young Walgenkim provided the text, I did the art. What did I learn in the process? I practiced drawing cars, and got pretty good at using designing compositions…

  • Mini zine: Pet Peeves #1

    Mini zine: Pet Peeves #1

    This is 100% Allia’s zine, I just drew the pictures. Not even all of them, either– her grumpy face on the second page was copied directly from the her layout sketch. I want to hear more pet peeves. We don’t have a second zine in the series queued up yet… As usual, you can buy…

  • Mini zine: I Strongly Recommend the Library

    Mini zine: I Strongly Recommend the Library

    Debuted at the 2023 PDX Zine Symposium. The official copies were also riso printed at Outlet in Portland, but the photographed version was printed off at home. This was partially so I could post it on instagram before I’d gone to Outlet, but also because I’ve arbitrarily imposed the rule that I have to alternate…

  • Mini zine: Audible Sucks

    Mini zine: Audible Sucks

    Made with Allia, riso printed at Outlet, and debuted at the 2023 PDX Zine Symposium. You can buy a copy. Scroll to the bottom for citations as clickable links. Annotated Bibliography Page 2: market control and royalties  Page 3 and 4: embargo and libraries Resources and Further Reading Cory Doctrow one of Audible’s earliest and…

  • The Camouflage Conundrum (at The Nib)

    The Camouflage Conundrum (at The Nib)

    I interviewed Dr. Judit Pungor at the University of Oregon Neill Lab about octopus vision for the Color issue of The Nib. The whole thing is online at The Nib!