• Mycology illustrations

    Mycology illustrations

    Drawn for mycologist Jessie Uehling (OSU professor), to be included in her open curriculum introducing the principles of mycology to middle schoolers

  • Marie Equi for the Oregon Quarterly

    Marie Equi for the Oregon Quarterly

    Illustrated scenes from 20th century activist Marie Equi’s life for the Oregon Quarterly. To see everything I drew and to read the whole story go to the Oregon Quarterly article. Or go read the book the Oregon Quarterly article is based on. Or watch the OPB documentary about Equi’s life which is full of archival…

  • Louis illustrations

    Louis illustrations

    For several birthdays this year I drew my cat Louis with the birthday beetle of the day. I’d been planning on making these since moving out of my college house– I was going to be living with different people in a different city, and I wanted to commemorate the little household we’d built, to say…

  • The Art of the News: Comics Journalism

    The Art of the News: Comics Journalism

    Created portraits of 12 of the featured comics journalists for the University of Oregon Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum’s The Art of The News: Comics Journalism exhibition, conducted four interviews for the accompanying catalog (Fall 2021).