Louis illustrations

For several birthdays this year I drew my cat Louis with the day birthday beetle of the day.

I’d been planning on making these since moving out of my college house– I was going to be living with different people in a different city, and I wanted to commemorate the little household we’d built, to say goodbye. And then it took me 10 months to get around to it.

I riso printed the most recent three at Outlet in Portland; I printed the earlier ones at my local print shop.

After making all these I remain uncertain about the concept of giving people an image of themselves. But worst case they can give it to a relation that would be delighted to see it/it’s very easy to store away or recycle.

That said I loved working on these and would absolutely make more of them, if likely photos of pals & their pets showed up in my inbox.

This cat is Sebastian (not Louis), but also a good lil guy.
Just parents (no Louis in sight). Drawback to reverse-chronological layout is the times I broke format come first.
100% classic Louis in the old house. Light and shadow was my favorite part of these, and this was the most interestingly lit of the bunch.
In the interest of accuracy: not old house. Still Louis tho.
Also not old house.
Ft. Einstein. I did my best to get painterly with the first few and it was an interesting challenge! I like how velvety this one is.