Mini zine: Audible Sucks

Made with Allia, riso printed at Outlet, and debuted at the 2023 PDX Zine Symposium.

You can buy a copy. Scroll to the bottom for citations as clickable links.

Annotated Bibliography

Page 2: market control and royalties 

Page 3 and 4: embargo and libraries

  • “The Harmful Impact of Audible Exclusive Audiobooks – Libro.Fm Audiobooks.” Accessed November 2, 2021.
    Libro.Fm is an independent audiobook seller that partners with local bookstores to sell DRM free audiobooks and gives authors a fairer deal. They write about Audible’s predatory business practices and how they hurt independent book sellers and libraries in this article.

Resources and Further Reading

Cory Doctrow one of Audible’s earliest and loudest critics on Audible and Digital Rights Management (DRM) — because of DRM you can only listen to audible audiobooks through the audible app, you can’t listen to it in spotify or itunes, you can’t download the mp3 to your computer even though you ostensibly own the book. Doctorow explains more about the history of DRM and how it affects audiobooks.