• Mini zine: Pet Peeves #1

    Mini zine: Pet Peeves #1

    This is 100% Allia’s zine, I just drew the pictures. Not even all of them, either– her grumpy face on the second page was copied directly from the her layout sketch. I want to hear more pet peeves. We don’t have a second zine in the series queued up yet… As usual, you can buy…

  • Mini zine: Audible Sucks

    Mini zine: Audible Sucks

    Made with Allia, riso printed at Outlet, and debuted at the 2023 PDX Zine Symposium. You can buy a copy. Scroll to the bottom for citations as clickable links. Annotated Bibliography Page 2: market control and royalties  Page 3 and 4: embargo and libraries Resources and Further Reading Cory Doctrow one of Audible’s earliest and…

  • RSS is (not) dead (yet) (NED #3)

    RSS is (not) dead (yet) (NED #3)

    How monopolies are destroying blogs, podcasts, and webcomics. Illustrating the history of RSS. Created in collaboration with A. Service.

  • Dear Miss Tingle

    Dear Miss Tingle

    Lonely college students salivate over illustrations of turkey dinners, bachelors struggle to bake cakes, housewives worry over canned beef, and Lilian Tingle advises them all. Comic illustrating exchanges from domestic scientist Lilian Tingle’s home cooking correspondence column in the Sunday Oregonian (1908-1929).

  • Jell-O Pages (NED #2)

    Jell-O Pages (NED #2)

    The history of gelatin and Jell-O from the 19th century to the present. Published in University of Oregon’s comics magazine ArtDucko, issue 20. Created in collaboration with A. Service.

  • Billboards vs. Beautification (NED #1)

    Billboards vs. Beautification (NED #1)

    Comic examining the Hamilton Sign near Chehalis, WA– why is it there? Is it even legal? Created in collaboration with A. Service.