• RSS is (not) dead (yet) (NED #3)

    RSS is (not) dead (yet) (NED #3)

    How monopolies are destroying blogs, podcasts, and webcomics. Illustrating the history of RSS. Created in collaboration with A. Service.

  • Dear Miss Tingle

    Dear Miss Tingle

    Lonely college students salivate over illustrations of turkey dinners, bachelors struggle to bake cakes, housewives worry over canned beef, and Lilian Tingle advises them all. Comic illustrating exchanges from domestic scientist Lilian Tingle’s home cooking correspondence column in the Sunday Oregonian (1908-1929).

  • Welcome to Computer Science

    Welcome to Computer Science

    This is an excerpt of my undergraduate thesis, a comic about computer science. Welcome to Computer Science has three chapters: computer architecture, programming languages, and the internet.

  • Daily comic

    Daily comic

    I’m taking 5 minutes every evening to draw a one-panel comic from my day, based on one of Lynda Barry’s journaling methods.

  • Jell-O Pages (NED #2)

    Jell-O Pages (NED #2)

    The history of gelatin and Jell-O from the 19th century to the present. Published in University of Oregon’s comics magazine ArtDucko, issue 20. Created in collaboration with A. Service.

  • The Art of the News: Comics Journalism

    The Art of the News: Comics Journalism

    Created portraits of 12 of the featured comics journalists for the University of Oregon Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum’s The Art of The News: Comics Journalism exhibition, conducted four interviews for the accompanying catalog (Fall 2021).